Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Group

    Let me tell you about this thing my orgmates and I call the WEDNESDAY GROUP.

    It all started out 3 weeks ago. Stoi texted everyone, asking for an impromptu inuman. Impromptu inumans are not that special actually, it's just that it was a Wednesday and finals were coming up. But school ain't stopping us from going out on a weekday. That was the first time we all went out. We had dinner at Kenny Rogers Katipunan, then Drew's, which was empty when we got there. We were the only ones in Drew's that night. Apparently we were the only delinquents who dared to go out drinking that night. Being the only onse in Drew's we got bored and decided to transfer to Sara's in KNL.

me, stoi, hazel, tong, wee

    As the night ended, we realized we were having so much fun that we had to do it again soon. That was the night the Wednesday Group was formed. We decided to make it a regular thing to meet up every Wednesday, drink and talk about anything under the sun. We talked about stupid boys yes boys talk about other boys too, professors we have no respect for, and generally anything that comes up to our crazy minds.

    Last week, word got out and more people joined in the group and so we held it in Tong's apartment rooftop. We like to call it Tong's World. The weather wasn't really cooperating though. We had to move our table at least 3 times because of the stupid rain that couldn't decide on whether it was going to pour or not. Maybe God was just playing with us, 'coz we were such fools to be drinking in the middle of finals week.

    This week, however, the semester is done and I have no business going back to Manila and staying there for an entire week. It's just that I promised my friends we'll still go out and not break the Wednesday streak. We first planned to do it on a Monday, since Tong, who usually is our host had to go home to Bicol on Wednesday. But then, stupid weather always gets in the way. For 2 days, typhoon Juan kept us down and indoors with its rain and strong winds, preventing us from doing our thing.

  But alas! Yesterday, Wednesday, the weather got better and we're alive! We decided to hold the weekly "meeting" in TS, jen's new place and have a little house party. We started drinking around 3pm, and although we only drank a bottle each of GSM Blue and The Bar, we were pretty high. We ended the night with a whole lechon manok and liempo that everybody appreciated so much. We ate like junkies high on weed. LOL

andoy, gm, me and stoi

    We had as much fun as we loved that chicken and liempo from Andoks(?). That much fun however left me lazy and sleepy all day today though. I spent half day rolled up in bed, recuperating. I guess there's a price to pay... Here's to the Wednesdays to come. :D

I'm not fine, I'm in pain
It's harder everyday
Maybe we're better off this way
It's better that we break


  1. I was trying to remember where I was on that first picture... ako pala kumuha nung pic. :))

    Wednesday Group: your therapeutic sessions now available in the middle of the week. :P

  2. Hahaha parang ad lang ng massage parlor. LOL