Friday, May 27, 2011

For the Love of the Game

      So Roland Garros started this week, thus marks the start of my yearly tennis insanity. Every year, my dad and I stay up 'til wee hours of the night to watch major Tennis tournaments live. Our favorite is Roger Federer and although Maria Sharapova doesn't win, we still always watch her games just to see her play with so much poise in her awesome outfits.
      I don't play tennis btw. My lungs simply cannot handle that much running for the ball and all. But for so years, my dad and I have always been fans of the game. We stayed 'til around 3AM watching Nadal - Federer fight for the 2007 French Open Finals. We know that clay really isn't Roger's forte, but we still love watching them battle.
      This year's Roland Garros has started out kind of disappointing for Tennis fans. First, the Williams sisters announced they weren't playing. Then, Ana Ivancovic loses on the first round. And Kim Clijsters, who was No. 1, now No. 2 in the World got eliminated in the 2nd round. However, this year also promises a good one for the newcomers, especially Caroline Garcia who's only 17. She had a game versus Maria Sharapova last night and although she lost, she still has a promising career ahead of her. I mean, even Andy Murray said on Twitter that she's good. I just hope that things pick up in tennis this year, unlike last year's Wimbledon which pretty much sucked.

      Our cable provider usually has Balls Channel so we usually watch on TV for tennis matches. However, this year, we do not seem to have it so I settled for live stream on the net. So for the next week, my nights will probably revolve around tennis and nothing else. With a pitcher of iced tea and popcorn beside me, I'm probably all set. :D Here's to hoping that this year's tennis season would be a good one!
      Have to end it here now. Must go back watch Federer kick Tipsarevic's ass. :D

Monday, May 23, 2011

Greenhills errands..

  nbsp   A couple of weeks ago, my parent sent me to Greenhills to buy stuff for my titas in the States. One of my uncles was home for a couple of weeks and my titas had some bilins.
  • pearl necklaces, earrings and bracelets;
  • daing at tuyo;
  • corned beef and butter imported from New Zealand, 'coz apparently mas mahal sa States; and
  • Tita Paring's Suman
Tita Paring's Suman comes in a plane-approved box

      My Tita Becky's friend Tita Anabelle told her about it and said that it was really good. It was kind of famous to Filipinos who live abroad. She told my mom about it and we actually tried it in one of our many Greenhills trips. Hmmm, how do I put this... well it wasn't to die for. Or maybe because we live in the Philippines and we eat suman every once in a while so we didn't find it special.
      So back to my story, the day my Kuya's flight to Kuwait, I went to Greenhills to buy the pearls and the suman. It was easy buying the pearls 'coz Mariel and I went there the week before already. After that, I went on to buy the suman for my titas. I bought a dozen suman for P500 for my titas and another one for me, for P45. I thought maybe I would like it the second time around. :)
suman for P45 each

      And guess what, the suman brought me more nuissance than satisfaction. When I was about to get in the MRT, the guard asked me to open the box of suman, which was packed already by the restaurant/cafe. The guard didn't even help me open the box. He just handed me a cutter to open the box and packaging tape to reseal it. Plus, he didn't even spend 2 seconds looking at the contents of the box. And then by the time I got to MRT Trinoma Station, it was raining so hard, the platform was flooding already.
      So I took a cab to prevent mydelf and the box from getting wet, but by the time the cab reached Parks and Wildlife along North Ave., it wasn't raining anymore. The cab driver even joked that it was storming in Trinoma only... yeah, funny. When I got home, I readily opened the suman. I only had brunch at 10AM that day.

Tita Paring's Suman Latik
      The saddest thing about it was that I realized I didn't really like the suman. I think that the reason it became famous is that not many people sell/make suman latik anymore. The only thing I liked about it was the sweetened latik sauce you pour over the suman itself. Haha I guess you have to be away from the Philippines for years to appreciate the food. LOL

Friday, May 20, 2011


It's bigger than Mer-Der.
It's more than Mondler....
more than Huddy.
It's Booth and Bones.
      I think I can say that this year's season finale made me one of the happiest fangirls in the world. OMG FINALLY!!!!!! After 6 years!!!! HERE IT IS!!!!!<333333 OMG I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO EXPLAIN HOW HAPPY I AM.

"I'm pregnant."


Tuesday, May 17, 2011



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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Two Movies in One Night

      A couple of weeks ago, Mariel and I were talking about how come up after almost 10 years of friendship, we've never gone out drinking or clubbing whatsoever. We figured that all we do is watch movies after movies, bad or good. We watched all Step Up movies together, the last 3 installments of the Fast & Furious franchise and Harry Potter. Then we realized that that was our thing. We watch movies like we have nothing better else to do.
      We've watched so many movies together, especially since she got her MTRCB Card a couple of years ago and we didn't have to pay for movies anymore. And the worse part is, we've seen so much stuff together we associate our real lives to the movies we've seen. A couple of days ago, we were in Span 10 class and there was an on going renovation in the room above us. We kept on hearing the hammers pounding on the walls, making some kind of a beat. And guess what it reminded us of... the orcs and trolls of the Mines of Moria scene in LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring. It reminded us of the drums the trolls were beating to signal the army or something. Hahaha
      So anyway, this summer is like one of those summers when you don't run out of movies to watch. There seems to be an endless list of good movies coming out over the summer we can hardly keep up. Especially this week, when we have meetings almost everyday plus schoolwork. But then, because we are bored and apparently insane, we ended up watching two movies in one night. You see, we already watched Fast Five last Friday in Greenhills, which was so awesome by the way, so we're supposed to be like no movie for now. And then today, I made the "mistake" of checking the movie scheds in ClicktheCity and saw that Priest was showing already. The moment I saw it, I readily told Mariel about it, who was seating beside me and made plans to see it in SM Marikina in 3D. You see, it was a Paul Bettany movie so we really had to watch it. We've loved him since A Knight's Tale.
      Well, so back to the movie. Given that it was based on a graphic novel, it started off with a background of the war between the vampires (who can I just say looked more like aliens) and the race of men. The production chose to present this through graphics ala Rurouni Kenshin with all the blood and stuff which I am not sure if I like, 'coz I kinda don't like the drawing style of the graphics. I'm not sure if they followed the style of the novel, having not read the novel itself yet.
      To be honest, it wasn't a spectacular movie. And we didn't really expect it to be, having been rated 17% by rottentomatoes. But we still, though it was okay considering that the concept really wasn't that unique to start with. What I liked about it was the thing about the concept of the Church controlling the people and making a new definition for the concept Priest from spreading God's words to being the "hands of God" and literally protecting the people from vampires. It's just like how it is today, only more exaggerated. How the Church is trying to guide or mold how the people think, to what they think is right for the people.

      What I liked most about the movie was its soundtrack. I commend the sound people for choosing the right songs and music for the movie. Though the story as I said was not spectacular, the soundtrack did not fail to set the mood for each of the scenes and conveyed the right mood for the audience. The song selection for the dramatic vampire attack and fight scenes were dramatic enough, but not cheesy.
      The CGI was also good in this movie. Notice that in most 3D or even 2D movies, they usually screw up the landscape CGIs and stuff.. the view. Like it's so obvious that the scenery sa computer-generated. In fairness to Priest's CGI people. They didn't mess it up. The depth of the background was just enough that we didn't even think of mocking the CGI, which we usually do.XD
      Thor on the other hand had probably one of the cheesiest, unoriginal movie soundtracks ever... or maybe because we've watched so much already nothing seems original to us anymore. Well anyway, now I see why people said that the movie was a bore, because Thor had so many emo, self-pity/self-esteem moments that it seemed like a triumph against all the hardships of life. He had a moment when he couldn't lift the hammer and it was raining. And then the moment when he talked to Loki about their dad dying. And then when he faced the giant fire-breathing thing and finally got the hammer. And when Loki died and then the ending.. I was kind of hoping that there'll be one or two momentous moments (does that make sense?) to define the movie. And the scores for those momentsss... well they couldn't be more dramatic.

      And the script. A friend of mine said he liked the script, but I don't know. We were already mocking the lines halfway through the movie. There was a part when Thor said, "This is madness!"and Mariel whispered, "This is Sparta!" and we ended up laughing. And then the part when Thor destroyed the Bifrost and can not come back to Earth and they showing the scene where Natalie Portman was just waiting, I was like, "He's gone. FOREVER!"and right at that moment, Natalie said, "He's gone." I mean, duh! It felt like they just wanted to fill the moment with a line and couldn't come up with anything better. They could've just left it at that, but no. There were other parts that either felt like the line was wrong or they were saying too much, over-explaining things.

  • Notice that the Forst Giants looked like the Jeepers Creepers creature, only blue. Hahaha
  • It was funny when the S.H.I.E.L.D. people thought that the fire breathing giant was one of Tony Stark's creations. LOL
  • Asgard infrastructures looked like Protoss structures from StarCraft with all the gold. Hahahaha
  • The rainbow bridge kind of reminds me the rainbow track in one of the legs in Mario Kart. LOL

      After watching Thor, we realized we should've just watched Something Borroweed instead. Haha Maybe we'll watch it on Friday. LOL