Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 09 → A photo you took

    Around 8 months ago, me and a few of my friends went to the Paramore Concert in SM Mall of Asia. I was with Michi, Alvee and Kikai. We were, are huge Paramore fans and we have been waiting for years for Paramore to come to the Philippines. We wouldn't have missed it for the world.

    The thing was, Ticketworld, the concert's promoter only sold Bronze, Silver and Gold tickets to the public... no VIP. So my friends and I bought the best tickets, Gold for P4000 each. We were so psyched about it, we bought our tickets 3 months before the actual show. We wouldn't want to leave it to chance. We planned our day weeks ahead. Michi and I had class 'til 2:30pm so Alvee will wait for us to go to MOA, and Kikai who had class 'til 4pm will just have to come later. I already attended 2 concerts (Eraserheads and Katy Perry with Alvee) in MOA, so I knew that we had to be there early to be get to be in front of the crowd.

    A few days before the concert, I found out from an orgmate that there were VIP Tickets available through connections and all. It was a pity, 'coz we already bought our tickets and my friend couldn't get us free tickets either. The day came of the concert, and as we lined up for the gates, we were surprised that the VIP and GOLD tickets had the same gate -- no division. So basically, it didn't matter whether you paid P4,000 or P10,000. As long as you get in line early, you get a good view of the stage. So yay for us!:D


    It was such an awesome experience that night. When the concert was done, we were sweating like pigs after being smashed up against the rest of the crowd. But hell, we didn't care. We had so much fun that we didn't give a damn how long we had to walk just to get to Michi's Dad's car and all.

    Taylor York and Hayley Williams were just a few steps away from us. From that night on, I knew that I wouldn't settle for cheap concert tickets. I now know the difference and how it would feel to be that close. If I ever go to another concert with cheap seats, I would know what I would be missing. Which only means one thing - I gotta save up more money to afford those expensive concert tickets!

You can't be too careful anymore
When all that is waiting for you
Won't come any closer
You've got to reach out a little more


  1. PARAMORE!!! Aww, sana bumalik uli sila dito at kung pwede lang sana na hindi sa SM MoA concert grounds dahil grabe lang magsiksikan ang mga tao ah! Pawisan tayong lahat! LOL

    Di ko pa rin pala kayo nabibigyan ng kopya nung vids na kinuha ko that night. Whoops.

  2. Sana Araneta man lang pag bumalik sila, diba?LOL

    Oo nga, I want copies!:D Haha