Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 03 → Your favorite television program

Do you even have to ask? I mean come on..


There was this time that my roommate and I watched the whole series together, and since then every time we say "I KNOW", we do it just like how Monica says it. And whenever someone says "How you doin'?", no matter how it was said, we always end up laughing, remembering Joey. And I don't think I can ever eat sushi without having Ross' UNAGI face crossing my mind. I also swear that I will never name my daughter Princess Consuela Bananahammock. EVER! And OH MY GOD. How can anyone ever forget Janice, and her voice that made Chandler move to Yemen. Oh, and someday, I will find my Chandler Bing, who's grandmother is a tiny little bunny.<3

I've probably watched this show a gazillion times. I have the whole series in my computer, and everytime I see re-runs on TV I still watch them. I've probably memorized their lines already. My whole life will probably always have reference to FRIENDS. I don't think I can ever find another show that I love more than this.

Oh and I'm so happy Courtney Cox has her new show, Cougar Town wherein the other cast of FRIENDS come in the show as guests. So far, they've had Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston.. I can't wait to see what Matthew Perry's role is gonna be.. :)


  1. Loser ako kasi di ko pa napapanood ang show na 'to. :| Well, nakapanood na ako ng ilang eps nung bata pa ako pero di ko na natuloy afterwards.

    Anyway, followed you already here. Pa-link exchange din ako! :)

  2. Friends! I think they've become the template for most "slice of life" sitcoms. At least it looks that way. haha

    Gano sya kalaki? Pakopya! :D

  3. @Michi OKAY I Declare you a loser for not watching FRIENDS. HAHAHA Kopyahin mo na lang sakin one of these days. :)

    @GM I cannot agree more. hahaha