Friday, June 10, 2011

X-men + Super 8 + The Hangover II + shopping

      FYI, I didn't watch all three movies in one day. Although it's not such a bad idea, staying in the mall all day hopping from one movie to another without paying for any of it. Michi, Mariel and I watched X-men First Class on Tuesday. Mariel and I had been on a movie hiatus since summer classes ended. I went home to Bataan and Mariel went to Beijing for a week. So as soon as we got back in Manila, we really wanted to catch up on the movies we've missed.

      So yes, X-Men. Well, people we're raving about it for the past few weeks on how awesome it was and after Tuesday I think I'm gonna say that I'm not one of them. I mean, yes the movie was informative in a sense on how everything started like how Professor X and Magneto drifted apart besides that one was evil and the other was good. It also showed where they met/found everybody else. But aside from that, it was like a doomed love story between Charles and Eric.
      They had so many gay/bestfriend moments we couldn't help but mock and laugh at them. The part when Eric was gonna leave and Charles stopped him, saying "You are not alone," we ended up singing You are Not Alone by Michael Jackson. And the part when they both cried, Charles sympathizing with Eric's horrible childhood memories, we laughed so hard I think the guy sitting in front of us got mad or something. But how can you not laugh at that?!? HAHAHA Everytime they both showed up we were whispering "McBender" to each other.
      I think the part that I really liked about it was when Charles tried out the cerebro and they started looking for other mutants; the part where they showed young Storm for like a split second and the other. My favorite was when they found Logan/Wolverine and he just said "Go fuck yourself" or something. Hahaha Very Wolverine of him.

      Today (Friday), Mariel and I planned on going shopping after paying for our tuition. I wanted to buy new pants and maybe a top or something to start off the school year. Mariel already a 2 pairs of pants on Tuesday on a sudden shopping urge after our movie, which I was not prepared so I said that she had to come with me when I go shopping. However, today turned out to be more than a shopping day for us. We ended up watching 2 movies, shopping and watched a little bit of Up Dharma Down's gig in Trinoma before we went home.

      We were just in time for Super 8 so after buying our food from Sbarro, we headed straight to the cinema. The movie, although had a not so unique plot, it was kind of funny having kids search for some alien/governmment secret instead of some duded with a dumb blonde on the side. It's funny how they react differently to the events/information that they find throughout the movie.
      What I liked about the movie though, are the actors. The kids were so funny and cute that it was kind of a preview of matinee idols 10 years from now. Joel Courtney who played the lead kid/guy really reminded me of Emile Hirsch. Oh and that hat kid on Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium was there too. :)
      But what really amazed me was how alike and different Elle Fanning is from Dakota. It's funny 'coz there were parts where you realize that Elle and Dakota have the same acting styles, although Dakota really is better after all those years of practice and stuff. And it's actually nice that their genre of films/roles differ so they kind of avoid being compared to each other. I mean Dakota has forever been a drama/serious actress and Elle is into the younger/action type of roles. So it's nice for Elle to be going off to a different direction and not be so overshadowed by Dakota's fame. :)
      After watching Super 8, we went straight back to the tcketing counter to buy tickets for The Hangover II. We had a 30-minute break which we spent on going to Powerbooks for me to buy the 2nd of the Mysterious Benedict Society Series, The Perilous Journey and went back to the movies later.

      Hangover II, well what else can you say besides that it was hilarious? I mean, the things that happened to them like the first one makes you wanna second guess about the ramifications of drinking and how f*cked up one night can get. But the way the movie presents it makes you think how awesome it was and that you kinda wanna be that hammered and all just to see what you might do. I can't really say which one was better, the first or this one 'coz all the shit that happened to them were entirely different given the different location and stuff. But just like the first movie, I think the best really were Mr. Chow and Allen. They were so funny and gross and weird all at the same time you can't help but love them.

      After the movies, we then proceeded to shopping for clothes and other stuff. There were so much stuff to buy we couldn't help but feel sad that we didn't have enough money to buy the stuff we want. I ended up buying a pair of pants, same as one the pairs Mariel bought last Tuesday and a new compact powder + the book from earlier in the day. Oh and yes, we did catch like 2 songs of Up Dharma Down while they were playing in Trinoma while we were walking back to the carpark. And can I just say Armie Millare has one of the most wonderful female voices in the Philippines. :D *insert fangirl flail*

      Okay, have to go start on my book now. :D