Monday, May 23, 2011

Greenhills errands..

  nbsp   A couple of weeks ago, my parent sent me to Greenhills to buy stuff for my titas in the States. One of my uncles was home for a couple of weeks and my titas had some bilins.
  • pearl necklaces, earrings and bracelets;
  • daing at tuyo;
  • corned beef and butter imported from New Zealand, 'coz apparently mas mahal sa States; and
  • Tita Paring's Suman
Tita Paring's Suman comes in a plane-approved box

      My Tita Becky's friend Tita Anabelle told her about it and said that it was really good. It was kind of famous to Filipinos who live abroad. She told my mom about it and we actually tried it in one of our many Greenhills trips. Hmmm, how do I put this... well it wasn't to die for. Or maybe because we live in the Philippines and we eat suman every once in a while so we didn't find it special.
      So back to my story, the day my Kuya's flight to Kuwait, I went to Greenhills to buy the pearls and the suman. It was easy buying the pearls 'coz Mariel and I went there the week before already. After that, I went on to buy the suman for my titas. I bought a dozen suman for P500 for my titas and another one for me, for P45. I thought maybe I would like it the second time around. :)
suman for P45 each

      And guess what, the suman brought me more nuissance than satisfaction. When I was about to get in the MRT, the guard asked me to open the box of suman, which was packed already by the restaurant/cafe. The guard didn't even help me open the box. He just handed me a cutter to open the box and packaging tape to reseal it. Plus, he didn't even spend 2 seconds looking at the contents of the box. And then by the time I got to MRT Trinoma Station, it was raining so hard, the platform was flooding already.
      So I took a cab to prevent mydelf and the box from getting wet, but by the time the cab reached Parks and Wildlife along North Ave., it wasn't raining anymore. The cab driver even joked that it was storming in Trinoma only... yeah, funny. When I got home, I readily opened the suman. I only had brunch at 10AM that day.

Tita Paring's Suman Latik
      The saddest thing about it was that I realized I didn't really like the suman. I think that the reason it became famous is that not many people sell/make suman latik anymore. The only thing I liked about it was the sweetened latik sauce you pour over the suman itself. Haha I guess you have to be away from the Philippines for years to appreciate the food. LOL

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