Friday, May 27, 2011

For the Love of the Game

      So Roland Garros started this week, thus marks the start of my yearly tennis insanity. Every year, my dad and I stay up 'til wee hours of the night to watch major Tennis tournaments live. Our favorite is Roger Federer and although Maria Sharapova doesn't win, we still always watch her games just to see her play with so much poise in her awesome outfits.
      I don't play tennis btw. My lungs simply cannot handle that much running for the ball and all. But for so years, my dad and I have always been fans of the game. We stayed 'til around 3AM watching Nadal - Federer fight for the 2007 French Open Finals. We know that clay really isn't Roger's forte, but we still love watching them battle.
      This year's Roland Garros has started out kind of disappointing for Tennis fans. First, the Williams sisters announced they weren't playing. Then, Ana Ivancovic loses on the first round. And Kim Clijsters, who was No. 1, now No. 2 in the World got eliminated in the 2nd round. However, this year also promises a good one for the newcomers, especially Caroline Garcia who's only 17. She had a game versus Maria Sharapova last night and although she lost, she still has a promising career ahead of her. I mean, even Andy Murray said on Twitter that she's good. I just hope that things pick up in tennis this year, unlike last year's Wimbledon which pretty much sucked.

      Our cable provider usually has Balls Channel so we usually watch on TV for tennis matches. However, this year, we do not seem to have it so I settled for live stream on the net. So for the next week, my nights will probably revolve around tennis and nothing else. With a pitcher of iced tea and popcorn beside me, I'm probably all set. :D Here's to hoping that this year's tennis season would be a good one!
      Have to end it here now. Must go back watch Federer kick Tipsarevic's ass. :D

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